How to join the 8% of people who achieve their resolutions

Are you part of the 92% of people who did NOT achieve their 2016 resolutions?

Don’t worry, it’s easier than you think to join the elite 8% who actually achieve what they set out to do.

Think back to your 2016 resolutions. Did you start out strong and then after a few weeks, the behavior just fell away?

If the behavior was enjoyable, you might have continued it – but good luck making ‘visualization’, ‘healthy eating’, and ‘planning your day’ into a fun activity.

The good news is that you don’t need to make them fun. You don’t even need more willpower either.

What you need is a method to overcome your desire for immediate gratification.

Yes, that cognitive bias inside you that screams louder than the logical voice telling you to do those boring but important things that will actually make a difference in your life.

Instead, you watch cat videos or decide that it’s a perfect time to organize your sock drawer.

So, your main objective is to overcome immediate gratification and ensure that you get in the habit of actually making consistent progress.

How do you do this?

Make the consequences outweigh the immediate gratification of delay.

Luckily, humans are fickle and these consequences do not have to be very big.

Ego or the loss of something you already own, are quite sufficient.

This is where an accountability partner comes in handy. No one wants to look like a failure and we work hard to avoid this.

Loss aversion
Wager some money or even a possession. Our desire to avoid losing what we already have is a powerful psychological motivator. When used strategically, this aversion to loss can double and even triple the odds of a person taking action.

So if you are serious about achieving your resolutions in 2017, try one or both of these strategies.

Don’t repeat the same old methods and expect different results (definition of insanity.)

Habit reCode uses loss aversion to keep you consistent…. And it’s coming to IOS in January 2017.

Make 2017 count.

Download Habit reCode if you are serious about change.

Kind regards

Stacey Baxter