The Accountability Habit App

Make Failure Difficult

The Habit App to Make Failure Difficult.
Leverage human bias to create daily habits and achieve success.

Have you ever experienced the frustration of trying to create a habit
to change your life and achieve success…
only to forget or just fail to follow through?

This habit app will help you take daily
action towards achieving your goals.

By making Failure difficult!

Habit recode leverages human bias and the power of accountability
and loss aversion to motivate you to follow through.

Right now, we have 3 habit modules:
1) Build a morning routine and an evening routine with the keystone module.

2) Increase productivity, stop procrastination and improve time
management with The One Thing.

3) Bring mindfulness and gratitude into your daily life for increased
happiness and calmness with the Zen habits module based on
the lessons from Leo Babauta’s zenhabits.net website

Science backed strategy of Accountability:
Habit reCode motivates you by acting as your accountability partner
with immediate consequences as an incentive.

Habits require consistent repetition.

Habit recode helps you achieve this by ensuring you focus
on the goal every day.

We do this via daily coaching sessions and you verify that you have completed your session via a short journal check-in.

If you fail to complete a check-in, you lose $2.

This consequence motivates you to take action,
stop procrastination & stick the habit by boosting discipline.

Habit reCode uses science to help you put in the effort now
and utilize the power of habit.

The Habit App And Daily Life Coach That Makes Failure Difficult.

Harness the power of habit and achieve goal success!

Why this habit app?

Remember that time that you made a decision to change your life,
to achieve more and accomplish a goal or two?

Once the initial motivation wore off, did you fail to follow through
and did the habit fall away?

Ahhhh, the memories.

Imagine how different your life would be if you had just stuck with it.

If you struggle to see your goals through to the end or feel like you need an extra push, then this habit app is like a virtual accountability partner / coach.

It keeps you going even when the motivation is has left you.

By leveraging your human bias of loss aversion,
it compels you to follow through and take daily action.

Accountability combined with Loss aversion can
TRIPLE the odds that you WILL follow through

The daily coaching comes in the form of bite-sized AM and PM sessions packed with tips and advice to keep you focussed on your goals.

It helps you build a habit by staying consistent with daily check-ins
(verified by a short journal entry.)

If you don’t check-in, you forfeit $2 immediately.

This consequence is so small but it is an effective motivator.

You can choose from different 30-day modules
depending on what you want to achieve.

Harness the power of habit and DOWNLOAD NOW.

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Habit reCode Leverages Science:

Behaviour Economics + Proven Habit Formation
and Success Principles.


A study called the Hawthorne Effect (or Observer Effect) showed that individuals modify or improve an aspect of their behavior in response to their awareness of being observed.
Habit reCode acts as a digital accountability partner by monitoring your check-ins to improve consistent repetition.

Loss Aversion

Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Daniel Kahneman and his associates discovered that humans have a tendency to strongly prefer avoiding a loss to receiving a gain (loss aversion).
Loss aversion neatly explains the phenomenon known as the endowment effect, the tendency for people to place a higher value on something they own than on an identical thing that they do not own.
Habit reCode uses this human bias as a powerful psychological motivator, if you don’t check-in you lose $2.
Although small, this consequence pushes you to follow through.

Habit Formation Principles

Some of the most well-known names in the world of habit formation are Professor BJ Fogg and Author Charles Duhigg. These experts outline the various best practices for building good habits including the strategies like starting small, habit stacking and the need for consistent repetition.
Their strategies form part of Habit recode’s daily coaching.

Success Principles

The first principle of success for goal achievement is the act of physically noting down your goals and the second most important step is identifying the actions required to get there.
Habit reCode requires you to commit a journal entry and this goes a great distance in fulfilling the most important principles of success.
The Keystone module and “The One Thing” module delve deeper into these principles.

Helpful Features

You get reminders via notifications.

We use Paypal for your safety.

Quitters can terminate at any time.
(Via the ‘Terminate” button, or from within Paypal)


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