Habit reCode – Leverage Science and turn success principles into daily habits.


Habit reCode origins:

The idea for Habit reCode came at a time of frustration. Like many people, a pattern had emerged in my life, I would read a life changing book, shake my head in agreement and vow to change.

Of course, after a few weeks, nothing had changed, life, the lessons were just unapplied knowledge and life went on as before.

I researched ‘habit formation’ and the book ‘The power of habit’ by Charles Duhigg seemed to cover the theory was there but there was no method of application.

I needed to build a habit of focussing on my goal every day. I tried several habit apps but as with the books, after a few days, the practice would fall away.

After reading some of Gretchen Rubin’s work, I realised that accountability would probably work for me but the goals I had were more related to ‘mindset’ more than a measurable outcome like ‘losing a few kilos’.

They were the principles outlined books like ‘Success principles’ by Jack Canfield, ‘10x rule’ by Grant Cardone, ‘Think and grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill etc.

It’s a bit hard to get a friend to check in on you every morning and ask if you had taken the time to align you focus and identify a principle to build on.

Further research showed that a life coach would be the best option but they can cost a fortune, there were coaching apps but as with the habit apps, there would be no consequence for non-compliance

As a result, I decided to create one!

Habit reCode is a habit app that combines daily success coaching with accountability. The best part is that it only costs you if you don’t follow through – leveraging the human bias of loss aversion.


About the creator – me, Stacey B:

My name is Stacey, I am an ex-army, ex-police officer currently living in NZ.

I moved to Australia in 2001 in order to challenge myself and force myself to go-it-alone (leaving my family in New Zealand.)

After reading ‘Think and Grow rich” I decided to, set goals and smash them. Up until 2016, my goals entailed building a property portfolio in order to create a passive income that would support a life travel and pretty things.

I joined the Police Force, life threw a few curve balls, goals were realigned etc.

After years in the police force, my daily interactions with criminals had changed my perception of ‘normal’. I had started to dislike the person I was becoming – a very angry pessimist.

By the end of 2015, I had not spent Christmas with my family for several years and my beloved dog had cancer. When he passed away a few months later, it became clear that I was not spending enough of my time with the things that bring me joy. No money or possessions fill the void when you lose some of the warmth in your life.

I vowed to change my life…. and my goals.

Within a month I had sold my house, left my job and moved to New Zealand. As you read this (end of 2016) I am living out of my van with my dog ‘Buffy’ as we travel New Zealand on a very tight budget. (Sometimes I post pictures of my adventures on Instagram)

I don’t know where life will take me, I hope the upcoming IOS release of Habit reCode will be a success but either way, I will be perusing freedom and bliss more than possessions and the standard version of ‘success’.

This year (2016) will be the first time in 16 years that I will spend Christmas with my family.

Please feel free to contact me at info@habitrecode.com with suggestions, food vouchers or just general conversation.

Ps.I use Habit reCode every day to keep me focussed on my new goals.  🙂

In Loving memory of Mosey.
In Loving memory of Mosey.

Habit reCode Description:

Leverage Science and turn success principles into daily habits.

Habit reCode is the first app to leverage the human bias of loss aversion  and combine it with daily coaching to triple your odds of creating lasting habits.

In a nutshell: The user chooses a specific habit module and commits to consistent daily check-ins in order to build a habit.

Habit reCode gives the user daily tips and tools to help implement habits and uses accountability and loss aversion to triple the odds of sticking to the commitment. If you don’t check-in, you lose US$2



  • Science Based – Accountability and loss aversion
  • Bite-sized daily coaching
  • Specific success habits (keystone morning and evening routine, mindfulness and stop procrastination modules)
  • Reminder Notifications
  • Accountability – If you fail to check-in, you forfeit $2
  • Safety with PayPal
  • No in-app purchases, No ads



Price: Free to download
Platform: Android (IOS coming December 2016)
Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.omate.habitrecode&hl=en
Developer: Stacey Baxter, based in New Zealand.
Website: www.habitrecode.com
Contact: info@habitrecode.com


Final thoughts:

Habit reCode is for serious people only, people that recognise the human nature to procrastinate and want to overcome it.  People that are prepared to place a wager on your own progress and that are absolutely passionate about improving their lives.



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